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Along with a "TouCheng FUN CITY" press conference, the Department participates in the treasure hunt to visit the old streets.

  • 2018-10-14

The Department of Applied Infomatics of Foguang University has been rooted in the digital application of TouCheng City, and was invited to participate in the press conference of “TouCheng FUN CITY” organized by TouCheng City. Department Director Zhan Pizong and Senior Specialist Huang Yaping, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ms. Qiu Yuexiang, the Chairman of the Chinese Software Association, Mr. Cao Ganyu, the city Mayor, and Ms. Chen Xiu-shang, the director of TouCheng Fishermen Association, and other VIPs, jointly witnessed the digital service ceremony.
Ms. Huang Yaping pointed out that the city is a city with a solid cultural heritage. To remind the historical value of the city, and promote convenient sightseeing and cultural landscape, thanks to the help of the Chinese Software Association and Department of Applied Informatics, Foguang University, the use of information and network technology has started to assist in the re-creation of the old streets, so that people everywhere can share the daily life of the city, and various travel information.
The Mayor Cao Ganyu said that the AR Digital Experience in the Old Town and the local store has been completed. From now on, the public can download the "TouCheng FUN CITY" app, which is captured in the old street of the city. For example, the "TouCheng FUN CITY" QRCODE Treasure Hunt, like the Pokémon game, will be filled with 5 different animation digital chapters to get the city's store coupon. In addition, from present to October 31st, the “TouCheng FUN CITY – Finding the No. 1 Fan” event will be held to arrange several experiences in the city, including eating, drinking, and reward, in order to encourage people to share their experiences in the city in multiple perspectives through the Internet.
In order to provide students with information technology to help the industry create business opportunities, and to do their best regarding to university's social responsibility, the Department of Applied Informatics, Foguang University actively participates in the promotion of various digitalization in the city. The head of the Department, Dr. Zhan Pizong, pointed out that the Department mainly assisted in the planning and construction of the wireless network in the old city area, the content construction of the specialty stores in the city, and the promotion of technology marketing and mobile applications. Participating students have benefited a lot. At the press conference, they have become the target of hunting for other information industry players in the future.
Director Zhan pointed out that there are many foreign tourists in the city, so at this stage, the cash payment assistance is the focus of the application. The secretary of the Department, Mr. Wu Yide, has visited many stores in the past few months to understand the various items. Promote difficulties and assist in advocacy. At present, many stores have expressed their willingness to introduce mobile payments. (20181009)

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