Department of Applied Informatics, FGU


The Department completed 15 promotional seminars on electromagnetic wave entrusted by the National Communications and Communications Commission.

  • 2019-03-23

Student Zhang Wenting writed her participation experience below:

I am very honored having the opportunity to participate in this promotional tour this semester. Although it is not easy in the process, I learned a lot and it allowed me know more about my own advantages. 
Learning field control and testing on-the-spot resilience. 
Accumulate all experiences as growth nutrients. 
Grasp every opportunity to know yourself
I believe that I can do better.
# Become a person who can bring warmth.

The team at  Nanshan High School. During the promotion process, the students who participated in the Myanmar International Information Volunteer took the initiative to assist.

Community people actively interact

The temple is also a good place to promote, the folks come together.

Listen carefully to the question and prepare for answering

The event at Nanshan High School

Q&A on Electromagnetic wave knowledge

Opening performance