Department of Applied Informatics, FGU

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The Department is the earliest established information related departments in universities and colleges in Yilan. Its graduates are all over private enterprises, government agencies and schools. The employment rate of graduates of graduate students has been maintained at 100%, and the graduates of undergraduate students also have high employment rates. Most of them are engaged in information-related work. The department has a smooth path to further studies. There are currently many students enrolled in doctoral programs, and there is already a Ph.D. graduate working as an assistant professor.

        From the perspective of products, graduates of this department have always given people a simple, quiet and pragmatic feeling. In particular, the department attaches importance to the development of students' core competence in the process of training, including professional ability, innovation ability and teamwork ability. The professional ability comes from the basic course training of the department. The innovation ability comes from solid professional training and rich life experience. These trainings come from the professional courses of the department and the general education with the school. Finally, the teamwork ability is achieved by the department and the practical curriculum in general education.