Department of Applied Informatics, FGU


The Department is rooted in the local digital city, and welcome the visit of Director Wu Mingji of SMEs, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • 2018-10-16

 Dr. Wu Mingji, Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, led a special mission visiting the Department of Applied Informatics at Foguang University, attended by Vice President Dr. Lan Shunde, Director Lin Yuchuan and Director Zhan Yuzong. At the time of the visit, Director Wu Mingji said that when he served as the director of the Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Director of the Industrial Bureau and the Executive Secretary of the Office of the Science and Technology Council, Executive Yuan, he had a good work acquaintance with Director Zhan . Taking the opportunity of visiting SMEs' business in Yilan, the Kunyi Industry and Wangshuyuan International Tourism Farm, which were counseled by the SMEs Department,  he was pleased to visit old friends at Foguang University, and took the opportunity to learn about how the university continue to grow, especially how the Department is full of talents. When Director Zhan led the guests, he said that the Department has good teachers and equipment. In recent years, it has especially strengthened cooperation with industry, including internships, industry visits and technical practices in the field, so that students' practical experience is accumulated outside the basic theory. For example, there are nearly 50 students in the summer vacation to the Career Council, ITRI, and the industry's paid internships, so that students' learning and employment are seamlessly integrated. When the company was appreciated, students were directly employed in the company. In response to the guests' discussion on whether Foguangshan's religion will affect students' beliefs, Vice President Lan said that Foguang University was sponsored by the Xingyun Masters to call for a million people's donation. Although the school is sponsored by Buddhist groups, it is a general comprehensive university. Students are not required to eat vegetarian food, neither to recite the Buddha. Fo Guangshan does not affect the school operation. However, it allocates more than 200 million NTD to the school every year to make up for the difference in the funds for the school's fee-based school operations. Director Wu said that this is his first visit to Foguang University. Although his time is limited, he really feels the idea of ​​running a religious group. He also thanks the Department helps the Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote and popularize the digital broadband application program for small and medium-sized enterprises. To implement the introduction of broadband construction and information application in local city to promote local business opportunities. Director Wu hopes that in the future, he will be able to rely on these practical teachers and creative students to have more cooperation to assist the development of SMEs in Ilan County. (20181012)