Department of Applied Informatics, FGU

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Future Development

The future development direction of the department will focus on the combination of information technology and humanities and social sciences. It focuses on both theory and practice, taking into account social changes and the impact of information technology on society. Combined with the rich humanities and social resources of the university, in addition to having a profound information theory foundation and rich practical experience, the students of the department have humanities literacy and caring for the society, and strengthen research on humanities technology automation and information society issues to provide IT talents needed by the national society. .

The development focus of the department can be described as follows:
1. Fundamental research in information science: Although the information science in the future is no longer confined to traditional IT research, many related schools must be integrated, but basic and important IT research is still indispensable, especially fundamental research is even more important when information technology is integrated into other disciplines. Therefore, in the future research direction of the department will first focus on basic IT research to meet the development characteristics of the University and the needs of local construction.
2. Integrate relevant academics and develop relavant courses of information group: In the information society, information is an important resource. The acquisition and circulation of information is related to the progress of society. However, the diversification of information is no longer a single one. Information technology can solve it. The future development of information technology will be an information technology-based, cross-study and integrated information cluster.
3. Combine theory and practice, and promote applied research: In addition to theoretical research, the department will apply it to practical things, and target local enterprises and cooperative institutions to coordinate with the development direction of the information society. Use appropriate information and relevant knowledge to solve practical problems.
4. Cooperate with local development needs, cooperate with industries and government: We will cooperate with local development needs, assist local organizations to organize application of knowledge, solve practical problems, develop software research and design, and combine industry development to achieve the establishment of “IT county” Further, we will break through the geographical restrictions and publish our research results on a regular or irregular academic conference, and cooperate with industries and government to benefit the social population in order to meet the expectations of the public.