Department of Applied Informatics, FGU

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The Department of Applied Informatics is an "integrated" information-related educational institute that combines "information technology application" and "humanities and social care". This is different from traditional information engineering, information science, information management and other information-related learning. While focusing on the development and application of information technology, the Department also emphasizes the rich humanities and social resources of FGU's future studies, literature, art, politics and related research institutes. The integration of technology to achieve the realization of "humanities and technology information" and "enhance the humanities and social care". Under this all-round thinking training, our students can better resolve the social conflicts brought about by the information technology in the digital age, in addition to knowing how to make good use of information technology in more and wider application fields.

1. In line with the development trend of the society

2. The future direction of information science

3. Cooperate with the resources of the school to develop the characteristics of the school

4. In line with the country's overall construction and development, balanced local construction

5. Providing senior information talents in line with national social needs