Department of Applied Informatics, FGU

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Educational Goals

Educational goals of the Department

Develop a positive attitude
The founder of FGU, Master Xing Yun, has always promoted the concept of "human Buddhism" to care for the society. For example, the "Foqing Youth League" of the university is a community of social service nature, and members of the group volunteer to serve in remote areas. Having students to participate in community activities to cultivate students' care for the society. In addition, the teachers and students of this department actively participate in the Ministry of Education's information volunteers, and teach people or students in the rural areas how to use computers and provide related technology services. In addition, students in this department often work in various administrative units of the school, help with some administrative work, and serve as an assistant to the general education course “Information and Network”.

Training information application talent
This department focuses on the cultivation of students' professional knowledge. Its undergraduate courses include not only the training of the basic courses of information, but also the teaching of other applied courses. This department stipulates that in addition to the required 40 credits, the undergraduate students must complete the required courses in a course program. At the same time, in order to strengthen professional practice techniques, in the curriculum planning it is necessary to take two-semester "Advanced Project Design and Implementation". The fourth year of the undergraduate students and graduate students must take the "Graduate Seminar of Applied Informatics" course. In the classroom, experts and scholars are invited to give lectures to convey the latest developments in information technology and the current market trends, so that students can understand the knowledge and new technology of textbooks.