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Financial Staff

Admissions for Masters and Masters in the Department of Applied Infomatics, Fo Guang University 

The Department of Master's and Master's classes in the field of "financial staff" has been known for more than ten years as "the most friendly information for non-information background students". All the faculty members of the "Finance Personnel" professional field have experience in well-known companies at home and abroad. They understand the importance of information application capabilities to today's financial staff, and understand the specialities of financial personnel's ability to have information. The "Financial Personnel" professional course is designed to train two types of talents: one is a person with financial, securities, insurance-related background or work experience who wants to strengthen the information application ability; the other is with information-related background or work experience, and hopes to enter the financial sector. , staff working in securities, insurance and other industries.

The contents of the "Finance Personnel" professional field of the firm, in line with the Taiwan industry's information needs for "financial staff", are completely practical, and all graduates have satisfactory jobs. Those who are interested in financial and information are welcome to join in the process. The financial field of information.
- Guided by the ability of students, practical and practical -
 [Courses for financial staff]
  • Financial Engineering
  • Financial Operations
  • Credit Derivative Financial Products
  • E-Commerce Topics
  • E-Commerce Technology
  • Internet Marketing
  • Telex communication and information network
  • Intelligent decision support system
  • Data model and knowledge exploration


1. Wu Yingwei
 Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Missouri
Choice of Evaluation Theory, Structural Product Design Financial Information System Development, Artificial Intelligence Securities Trading System, Complex Derivative Financial Product Simulation System

2. Huang Qingyuan
 Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, University of Minnesota
Introduction to E-Commerce, E-Commerce, Information Management, Communication Networks and Systems

3. Luo Zhizhong
 Doctor of Industrial Engineering, University of Missouri
Intelligent decision support, electronic production, business research, medical information management, computational wisdom

4. Qiao Yiwei
 Ph.D. in Computer Science, Kansas State University
Information Network, E-Commerce Technology, Java Programming, Decentralized Systems, Fault Tolerance

 【Contact information】
 Contact Person: Mr. Wu Yande
 Tel: 886-3-9871000 ext. 23201
 Fax: 886-3-9881033

[Graduate thesis title]
  • Research on Implied Copula Method in Guaranteed Creditor's Credential (CDO) Design
  • A Study on the Relevance of Perceived Characteristics, Experience Value and Willingness to Revisit Well-known Blogs
  • Discussion on the Implementation Model of Derivative Commodity Evaluation Model of Carbon Emission Rights
  • Guaranteed-type commodity trial platform linking bond hedge funds
  • Discussion on the Application of Communication System to the Instant Transmission of Derivative Financial Products Information
  • Advanced Analysis of Applied Data Exploration Technology in Polls
  • Free software to assist e-commerce research - taking the ergonomic server as an example
  • Research on the Impact of Security Involved in Online Consumption Decision-making Tendency and Bidding Willingness
  • Discussion on the integration model of medical service indicators with knowledge management system
  • Discussion on the Knowledge Base System Model of Talent Recruitment Process in Information Service Industry
  • Research on Factors Affecting Consumers' Willingness to Bidder on Auction Sites
  • Discussion on the Design of Credit Derivatives by Implied Copula Method
  • Discussion on the Market and Evaluation Model of Carbon Emission Rights
  • Research on the Characteristics of New-style Internet Banking and Consumer Perception Risks--Based on HSBC Direct
  • Research on the Application of Data Mining Technology in the Consumption Segment of IPTV Market-Taking MOD Users in Yilan Area as an Example
  • Construct an evaluation model applied to the instant information transmission of options
  • Capital-backed bond simulation system for asset-backed securities hedge funds
  • Credit card transaction financial information service platform implementation
  • Application of database marketing in medical beauty marketing research
  • Equity-based bond hedges' situation-based bond-based bond situation analysis system Customer relationship management in direct selling industry--taking Mei'an as an example
  • Research on the Application of Inverse Transfer-like Neural Network to Exploring the Probability of Exponential Choice Price Price Implied Future Index
  • An Empirical Study on the Arbitrage Opportunity of Taiwan Stock Index Choice
  • The impact of self-disclosure of e-newsletter information on the willingness to pay subscriptions
  • Research on Application-based Neural Network Option Evaluation Model for Structural Commodity Design
  • The influence of brand factors and consumer involvement on the attractiveness of online shopping prices. The application of communication systems to the timely transmission of financial analysis information
  • The effect of the price of online auctions and the influence of buyers and sellers on consumers' willingness to purchase and trust
  • Exploratory research on portal members using personalized services - taking Yahoo! as an example
  • Application of multi-channel transmission technology in stock market real-time information system
  • Research on Product Attributes and Marketing Strategy for Adopting Customer Relationship Management System