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Civil Servants

- Admissions for Masters in the Department of Applied Informatics, Fo Guang University -
The ever-changing development of science and technology has made the ability of capital communication applications an important literacy for all walks of life. The Master's and Master's courses in the Department's "Electronic Government" professional courses are designed to foster innovative public sector service applications and research talents to enhance the development and needs of public sector governance in response to current service public service and those interested in public service utilization of communication and communication innovation services. . The course content is based on learning-related theories and provides students with relevant research experience on topics such as "Case Studies", "Project Development and Management", "Communication Security", "Digital Drops" and "Information Planning". In addition, the course also assists students in the opportunity to interact with the information industry, school teachers and relevant researchers to stay abreast of the latest pulsations. Sincerely welcome public officials at all levels and those who are interested in public officials to join us!
- Guided by the ability of students, practical and practical -

 [Courses designed for civil servants and military personnel]
  • Organizational performance
  • strategy management
  • information strategic planning
  • Information Project Management
  • Information Integration
  • Information Security
  • Electronic government
  • human resource management
  • knowledge management


1. Lin Yuquan, Master of Computer Science, University of Southern California
Information Management, Electronic Government, Decision Support System

2. Feng Rui Ph.D. in Teaching Technology, Utah State University
Educational Software and Systems Evaluation, Education and Training, Instructional Design, Cognition and Learning, Digital Learning

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 Contact Person: Mr. Wu Yande
 Tel: 886-3-9871000 ext. 23201
 Fax: 886-3-9881033

[Graduate thesis title]
  • Study on the Participation Factors and Learning Satisfaction of Civil Servants' Personnel Knowledge Sharing Platform: A Case Study of Township City Offices in Yilan County
  • Research on the Needs of Education and Training of Library Information Staff in Yilan Area
  • Research on the information network system for disaster prevention and early warning and monitoring
  • Research on Demand Analysis of Education and Training in Leisure Farms
  • Discussion on the introduction of project management by county and city level governments to improve the information system planning and development mechanism
  • Research on the Future Development Trend of Taiwan Animation Industry
  • Case Study on the Importation of Knowledge Management by Government Organs' Public Opinion Mailbox - Taking the x Department as an Example
  • Information Security Risk Assessment of Regional Academic Network Organizations: A Case Study of Yilan County Academic Network
  • Research on Technology Readiness and Service Convenience for Mobile Business Use Behavior——Taking Third Generation Action Service as an Example
  • Research on Hosting Managed Conversion Cost and Satisfaction Affecting Conversion Initiative--Taking SMEs as an Example
  • The impact of technology anxiety and lifestyle on consumers' use of mobile commerce
  • Exploring the feasibility of introducing self-owned submarine cable ships in Taiwan
  • Research on the application of network technology to the sustainable operation of non-profit organizations - taking private vocational schools as an example
  • Exploring the factors affecting outpatient loyalty
  • Research on Internet Cafe Crime and Deviation Behavior
  • Discussion on the Relationship between Website Service Quality and Customer Loyalty --Taking a Professional Tourism Website as an Example
  • Research on the Causes of Collaborative Product Knowledge Sharing and Its Impact on New Product Development Performance